Plugin presets not stored when saved

I insert the Steinberg Compressor as an insert. Change the settings, click on the little cube and choose “save preset.” But it is not stored when I click on open preset–it’s just blank, totally empty. Any idea why? My track presets are stored no problem. I’ve tried rebooting and no luck. Where are these stored so I can check if they’re there?

Hah !!

Another victim of the MediaBay :slight_smile:

Click on the preset list in the plugin
Press Shift+F2
Activate “Filter” and “Locations”

Now you should see which locations are scanned. In your case (when nothing shows up) it is very likely that you will see no folder there.

Go to MediaBay (hit F5)
Well… I cannot explain the MediaBay here. I hate to say it, but take a coffee and read…
The MediaBay is a mighty tool, but far from self-explanatory.

Both filter and locations were checked in my case. Is there any way to just rescan where the plugin presets are stored? Where are they stored?

Unchecked everything in mediabay and rechecked it so it would scan everything again. Now the saved presets show up. Thanks,

Funny that all versions of Nuendo (at least since 3 or 4) have those / similar problems… I wish the presets could be there without scanning cryptic Mediabay stuff while clients are waiting…

If and when you run into this again, Rescan the VST sound folder - user content is where your user presets are stored.

I’m not 100% sure but there is a preference that asks if you want media bay to scan only when media bay is open or something to that effect.

If you save a preset, and then don’t open media bay, it doesn’t get scanned.

Could be the culprit

Once MediaBay knows that a specific folder should be included into the database, storing presets works immediately. It’s always just the first time you save an user preset for a plugin that it will not show up because the new preset wil be saved into a new subfolder of the users vst-presets that will not be scanned.

I think that could be changed, because if I save a preset, it is very likely that I also want to recall it later :wink: