Plugin reinstall or refresh (blocked by Automap)

Hello experts,

I can´t load Multiscope on any insert slot!
The item on the list says “Multiscope Automap” and nothing happens when I click on it. It doesn’t load.

I already uninstalled automap and updated Cubase to the most recent version available (10.0.6).

How do I reset this plugin so that it doesn’t wrap with automap?

How do I reinstall this single plugin?

Thank you!


In the past, when I was using Automap, it always created a copy of the plug-in with the Automap linked. So I had the original plug-in and the Automap wrap. Isn’t it the case today?

I don’t see any duiplicates for the plugin. Where would I check that?

After uninstalling automap, the multiscope plugin remained with the automap wrap, so now I can’t load it.

How do I reinstall a single plugin? Or how do I remove the automap wrap from a single plugin?


Do you mean Cubase internal plug-in? Then I’m wondering, this plug-in has been Automapped.

There is no way to install only single Cubase plug-in. Install from Cubase Full Installer, please. No worries, only the missing parts will be installed.

Ok Martin I will try that !