PLugin Sample Editor?

Hello all.

I found a sample in Halion 5 that I really like called Plasticity. I want to make some soundscapey type song with it but I’ve run into a bit of a problem.

The loop seems to have a steady groove and beat to it, but the the problem is those beats appear to be on the e of a quarter note (One e and a two E and a, etc)

Is there a way I can change that plugin to where the Flex Phaser changes it so those grooving parts are on the down? Anyway to get into the time settings of these samples or something?

I tried rendering the sound in the time I liked and and putting in Prologue, but it didn’t do what I wanted it to do, and neither does VariAudio. It’s pitching a wave sound rather than a midi sound so it doesn’t sound right.

Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

I had a look at the sound.

It’s three instances of the “Trip” instrument each with its own FlexPhraser.

If you select “Plasticity” in the program tree, then in the centre window click “edit” and “midi mod”, you’ll see all midi modules. At the top where it says " all midi modules" you can set it to FlexPhraser. Now you’ll see all active and inactive Phrasers.

At the bottom of each Phraser where you turn steps on and off, you’ll see two arrows to the left. This nudges the pattern one step left or right per click. In this instance click left twice and that should do the trick.

Do this for each active FlexPhraser though, the beat is spread across all of them

Dude! Thank you so much! I appreciate it. That did exactly what I wanted.

I would never have found that. Thanks!

And who said Halion wasn’t intuitive to use? :wink: