Plugin Selection List View Change - Scroll List

Hey there everyone,

I’ve searched through the forum and Google for a solution to my issue but haven’t found much helpful information. First, I must emphasize one critical point: please refrain from commenting on the quantity of plugins or anything related to that, either directly or indirectly. This includes any solution that references or involves the number of plugins one might use or have installed, or that one might have decided to keep displayed in any given insert section. The purpose of this post is to explore alternative ways to display the plugin selection list.

Here’s what I encounter when attempting to add a plugin in Wavelab 12.0.20 (master section, if that is of any importance). The screenshot below displays my entire screen, which has a resolution of 2560 x 1080. I use multiple screens, all with the same resolution. Nothing appears on any other screen, only on the screen shown below. In short, this is all I see:

This has been an issue since I first used Wavelab, starting with version 5. I remember being able to view additional plugins by hovering my mouse over a “More…” option at the end of the list, which would open a new window displaying more plugins. However, this method has always seemed cumbersome.

I understand that one can filter out plugins from specific insert types/sections, but that’s not the solution I’m looking for. Sometimes, I need to see most of my plugins for a track insert, or I may want to access a long list that can’t be fully displayed on my screen.

Why don’t we have the option (or is it already available? Please inform me if so) to display plugin lists as a scrollable, vertical menu, similar to what is used in Cubase/Nuendo? The categories and sort-by options could remain, but instead of a large popup window, a simpler, scrollable list popup would be more user-friendly.

Currently, I have to remember the name or brand of each plugin beyond the letter “F” to use them effectively. This limitation prevents me from exploring or trying out plugins that I rarely use or need only when seeking a specific sound.

Thank you to everyone who can contribute to this discussion, either by helping me adjust this setting in my current setup or by proposing this feature as a practical enhancement for managing plugins.


If you’d change the hierarchy to Sort by category, then vendor, the number of entries at the top level would be lower and the view would be clearer.
However, if this is not an option for you, this would require an application change and you should therefore set the feature-request tag.

Maybe get rid of some plugins you don’t use on a regular basis??? (You have a lot of plugins…) I just did that recently and I cleared out about 20 plugins that I no longer use because they have been superseded by newer/better plugins. Just a thought…FWIW