Plugin settings gone when opening Cubase 12 Mac project on PC

I have two audio machines, a Mac (Mini M1) and a PC (Intel NUC11). On both machines I have installed Cubase 12 Pro and the same set of plugins.

Now I recorded a session on the Mac and tried to open it on the PC. Unfortunately, some of the plugins lost their settings (e.g. Guitar Rig 6 and Valhalla Room). These plugins have their default settings on the PC. Other plugins successfully kept their settings.

Does anybody have an idea why this happens?

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Probably they use different plugin IDs between Mac and PC, so Cubase doesn’t see them as the exact same plugin. Check that you are using similar plugin format (VST2 or VST3) and version on both platforms.


Thanks a lot, I indeed used VST2 versions of those plugins on my PC while I had VST3 versions on my Mac. Updating them to VST3 did the trick.

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