Plugin shows up as Fx, not Instrument. ??

Hi, I have a question regarding using an older plugin in C6. The plugin is a synth (Pro 53 / Native Instruments) and is obviously designed to run as a synth in an instrument track. It installed and works fine as a standalone). It installs the following .dll files:


The C6 plugin path is directed to the folder where these are. It sees and has available the ni3.dll and lists it in the Fx category only. I can only see it when I load it as an effect insert and obviously can’t be triggered via midi. I don’t see any way of telling C6 to treat it as an instrumetn plugin as opposed to Fx. Anyone have any thoughts? THANKS!

(P.S. This is no longer supported by Native Instruments so they can’t help me here, and this synth did work as a standard synth plugin in C4)…