Plugin "Side Chain" help?

So I noticed that every plugin has a side chain option now (or in 7+?) but I can’t seem to figure out how it works exactly?

I have it routed like I used to do so with the standard cubase compressor with a “send effect” for a kickdrum for instance sent into the compressor (using fabfilter pro-c, for example), but it does not seem to be getting any signal from the kick.

I have the compressor slammed & all its doing is slamming the compression, no side chain at all. Would someone mind helping me figure out what I am doing wrong?

In Pro-C, click on “Expert”, make sure “Ext” is checked and not “In”.

I take it you want to send the kick drum to a compressor’s sidechain.

So you have your compressor that you want to send the key signal to. Activate its sidechain.

Then you select it as a send from the kick drum track’s Sends:

Then send an amount to it:

(In my example, the Compressor was inserted on my FX1 - Doubler FX Channel)

It’ll work!

I find the most intuitive results come from sending 0dB, pre-fader. That way, you’re sending the full volume of the audio file the whole time—even if you turn down the track’s fader.

Yes, this is how I currently do it. However, I am trying to side chain other, non-steinberg instruments

That worked, thank you!

Now what I’m curious about is if it is possible to side chain an external EQ plugin. Using fabfilter pro-q2 this time, can I side chain using that same side chain button on this eq, for example? Or does pro-c only work because it has that “external side chain” option?

The only thing Pro-Q 2 uses a sidechain for is EQ matching, but yes, you would do it the same way.

To be clear, most EQs don’t have any sort of sidechain functionality. You just happened to pick a rare one that does.