Plugin stability issues in Wavelab 8

I have returning stability problems using plugins in Wavelab 8.0.3

Especially when I get carried away in creative experimentation, I often reach the point where Wavelab shuts down without a warning. At other times a warning comes up saying that Wavelab can control the problem but need to be restarted. In those situations it’s often not the case; I usually need to use Windows Task Manager to force Wavelab to shut down, loosing work, because Wavelab actually couldn’t control it, and stopped responding,

Another thing I get, is a random message right after shutdown telling me: Wavelab8.exe has stopped working. Recently after getting my much loved series of creative plugins back, the Ina GRM tools [latest build], it happens almost every time I use them. So it should be possible to actually hunt down the exact reason for this issue. I have pasted the “problem signature” below, as I reckon this can be helpful solving the problem.

I have the latest version of Wavelab 8, using it on a Windows 7 computer.

I should add that my other hosts, Samplitude and Reaper, are much more stable in this regard, I wonder why Wavelab is so fragile when it comes to plugins. If other hosts can handle it - Wavelab should also be able to.

I should also add, that used on it’s own [not using any plugins] Wavelab is very stable here, and is a favorite program of mine - so I really hope this important issue will be given full attention.


Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: WaveLab8.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 5263e41f
Fault Module Name: GRM PitchAccum Stereo.dll_unloaded
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 51dc166a
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 09965b81
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1030
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Fault Module Name: GRM PitchAccum Stereo.dll_unloaded

In that case, a crash happened in this plugin.

That was the answer I expected and I’m sure the answer is correct - but what if the crash didn’t happen in Samplitude - how would that be possible?


NB: I have also contacted support at Ina [that develops GRM tools] - hopefully I hear from them soon

I have been in contact with “support” from Ina.
I have tested a new version of the GRM that I got from them, and it’s working fine so far. The closing error hasn’t showed up since ;->

It’s still my experience that Wavelab is more sensitive when it comes to plugins general stability, compared to other hosts. So I really hope this has top priority in the development of the program to better control weaknesses in certain plugins.

Wavelab is in many ways my favorite program for tweaking sounds, so everything that can be done to get rid of sudden crashes, in the middle of the creative process of sound developing and shaping, is indeed very, very welcome!


Personally, I hope it has a very low priority in the WL development to fix other developers’ mess. On the other hand, if plugin handlling could be made less picky in Wavelab, without compromising program integrity, it is always welcome ofcourse.

That was a harsh statement - other developers mess :unamused:

We all know that bugs creep into software both inside and outside of Wavelab, so it’s good to have the best possible way of dealing with it, and that’s what I’m asking for - simply to find the best solution in the event of crashes.

Based on your response I’ll rephrase my wish - I do hope it has top priority that plugin handlling could be made less picky in Wavelab.


Don’t get me wrong; it’s no attack on you. I just seem to have a different opinion… :wink: