Plugin state lost on track freeze

1. Summary/Title
Freezing a track with a plugin open (MIDI effect OR instrument) loses any new state added to the plugin since the last state snapshot.

2. Description

  1. Start a new project
  2. Add a MIDI plugin, e.g. Atom 2
  3. Add some notes
  4. With the Atom window still visible, freeze the track
  5. Unfreeze the track, all your notes are gone :frowning:

This works with other plugins too, not Atom specific. Also the case with instrument plugins, e.g. add some notes in DigiStix and freeze/unfreeze with the window open.

If you close the plugin window first then that seems to trigger a state snapshot and all is well.

3. Expected Results
Data loss should not occur on freeze.

4. Actual Results
Plugin data is lost. In this case they weren’t just plugin settings, it was note data in Atom that I had been working on.

5. Environment
Air 4, latest CB 3.3, iOS 14.4.2

Hi @misplaced,

Thank you for your report.

The issue is planned to be resolved with the upcoming Cubasis 3.3.1 update, planned to be released sometime soon.

Until the update goes live, please check the following WA: Close the AU plugin view before freezing a track.


Thanks @LSlowak that is good to hear!

I have tested and this is now fixed in 3.3.1. Thanks @LSlowak and team!

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Hi @misplaced,

I have tested and this is now fixed in 3.3.1. Thanks @LSlowak and team!

Glad to read this, thanks for your immediate testing and feedback!