Plugin status when transferring 32bit projects to C6 64bits

When I open an older project created in C5 32bit with the newly installed C6 64bit (and all the plug ins I had installed in c5 32 are now correctly installed in their 64bit version to the new host), will C6 automatilcally load the 64bit version of HSO, or is the v-bridge at work, requiring me to un- and reload HSO to switch to 64bit operation on all levels, in that particular project?


I’ll humble down on the question: any way for me to see if vst-bridge is at work? thanks!

ok it seems the 32bit plugs in C6 64 are marked by a small icon in the drop down plug-in list (see picture).
That does not definitely establish whether C6 64 will automatically load the 64bit HSO when opening an old 32bit file, but since there is no second HSO in the menu with the pictured symbol next to it, chances are the host is automatically switching to the 64bit version. I’m still interested in further corroboration, though.
vst bridge.jpg