Plugin to control non-MIDI external device?

Hi all,

Not sure where best to put this question so I’m dropping it here.

I work for an audio device manufacturer who has previously mostly dealt with broadcast and production equipment. We have a new line of products that straddles the line to include musicians and studio usage. Our equipment is not MIDI enabled, it is however network audio/Dante/AVB compatible.

Is there a way to create a plugin in Cubase or a VST to allow users to control the volumes of these devices or does a device HAVE to speak MIDI to be controllable within the Cubase environment?

The devices do have a native GUI that can be accessed with a browser using an IP address.

Any thoughts on this? Or need any additional info? Or know who at Steinberg to contact to get an answer?


Hi and welcome,

I would probably start at Steinberg 3rd Party Developer side.

As Martin has already provided the most obvious answer, I’ll just contribute the thought portion of your question.

I don’t believe MIDI is the ONLY protocol of communication since VST Connect allows remote control across a network and MIDI control is a supported protocol that is within that development stack.

Cool, thanks!

This isn’t really a question for Steinberg, or a question about vst plugins. Whether a plugin communicates with an external device via midi or any other protocol is irrelevant to vst. I’ve written plugins that communicate with external devices via proprietary protocols. Your question could be better phrased as: “Can a Mac/Windows application communicate with my device?”. If the answer is “yes” (you’re probably the best person to answer that :slight_smile:), then you can package that application as a plugin.

So as long as it’s possible to control the device through a Windows app it’s possible to make it a plugin. Sounds like that should work for what we need. Thanks