PlugIn to find spaces for WaveLab8 or 9

I edit radio plays from audio streams. For those I get, similar to a title jump on a CD, in a jump to the next chapter blanks, usually about 10 to 20 ms long, sometimes a bit longer. These gaps are noticeable by an audible silence and a crack in the speaker. Sometimes the chapters are very short, about every minute, sometimes only after a few minutes.
Now I want to find and remove these blanks.
This search purely optically is very cumbersome, and since there are also “real” spaces, e.g. in dialogues, there is no way to automate the removal. Wavelab has no such search function to my knowledge, so my question is: Does anyone know, for example, a plug-in for WaveLab 8.5 or even WaveLab 9, which enables such a search? Of course, it could also be a standalone program that searches a * .WAV file and either sets markers or creates a text file or Excel file that lists the times of such blanks.
The decision as to whether it is a space to be deleted and the deletion itself, I would then perform in WaveLab.
In the appendix I show typical or frequent blanks and in the third picture a space, which follows shortly after a real blank space.

I’m grateful for every tip.

The translation was performed by google translator, but I think it is not so bad :smiley:

That’s one of the main things Auto Split in Wavelab does. Search the online help or manual for “Auto Split”. It’s in Wavelab 9 and 8 and earlier even. It’s been in the program for quite some time. It places markers or splits or both, with many options.

I don’t know of other programs that do it.

Thanks a lot, it’s so easy if you know it. “Auto Split” and “placing markers” do exactly what I was looking for!