Plugin window on second touchscreen monitor

Does anyone know a way to always open plugins on a second touchscreen monitor?
I don’t want to have drag every time I insert a new plugin.

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I’m afraid this is not possible. Every plug-in instance holds its own position.

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As @Martin.Jirsak said.
A way to do this is by invoking external utilities to search for the inFocus (or the one resulted by a title search) window and change its x,y coordinates. Note that this is a normal procedure for many apps occupying multiple displays.

I’m a bit lucky here, cause my templates use two vst wrappers, so I’ve preset them to second monitor. However, this can’t be a solution, obviously :slight_smile:

If you are on windows:

The trick is to edit the window name, delete everything except the plugin raw name and it will work for every instance, even with projects from a different computer or studio. Has been working here without problems from xp to win 10
Also you can choose if the window’s position is locked or still movable (my pref), you can resize it ( i switched that off , I see no reason, de-esser for example can be different plugins, different sizes.). I’ m also using it for “normal windows” like computer or trash. It’s a great tool, massively speeded up my workflow.

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Thanks, it works!

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Do you know an alternative for Mac OS? I have a Macbook Pro m1 and would love to use a touchscreen monitor…

No, sorry

I’m on pc only so…