Plugin window only shows half of plugin GUI

Hi people! :slight_smile:

I have a problem with the two latest plugins that I installed (Neural Parallax and Mercuriall U530).

When I open them in standalone mode, the GUI looks and works fine. When I open them in Cubase 7.5 the plugin is only half visible, cutting off a part of the GUI. I cannot resize the plugin window. I never had this problem and I am pretty sure it`s Cubase related because the standalone versions seem fine.

I attached an image so you can see what the problem is (see the bottom of the plugin). Would be really cool to get an answer! Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


What computer OS and graphics device? Is the graphics device’s driver up to date?

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi Prock!

Thanks for your reply.

I use Windows 10 and a GTX1060. Yep, the driver is up to date (just checked now).