Plugin windows don't come forward with 1 click

Problem - When clicking on a plugin in the mixer (for example) to edit, often takes two clicks to bring the window forward so it’s visible.

Why - I think this was a issue was fixed on a previous version, but is back again.

should be able to recreate the issue on any project.
for example
bring plugin editor forward of insert effect (for example)
bring mixer editor window forward to completely cover the plugin editor
now in the mixer press the “e” of the insert
requires two clicks

details latest build - Win 10 - 8.5

Noticing that as well, and on send and insert bypass/activate buttons. Lots of extra clicks all around.

Confirmed here.

If the mixer covers the plugin a click on “e” would close the plugin window, a second click would open it in front of the mixer. That is how it is supposed to work. You could set plugins to be AOT, then they would not disappear behind the mixer window.

It’s not how it’s supposed to work. A plugin should always come to view on first click of the ‘e’. It’s just proper window management.

Well we can agree that the window management could use some work. It is still vey new, and I am sure we are going to see further development in that area.

I’m going to post a new thread on the Cubase 9 forum, but, I did a Search and this thread came up.

Dang, it’s driving me nuts. Started with Cubase 8…continuing with Cubase 9. That is, Inserts/Sends requiring multiple clicks to toggle ON/OFF plus the “sweetspot” in the send level rectangle to activate it. Way, way too finicky.