Plugina turning white after update?

I have had some strange things happen after this update. Suddenly plugins such as S-gear are half white and half have graphics. Also I have seemed to lost the groove agent se library and it is nowhere to be found. All sorts of little weird things are happening after this one. Anyone else having issues?

Me Too!!!

Yeah, this is pretty annoying! For me, the only way to see the rest of the GUI is to change presets (e.g. just hit the preset up arrow and then down arrow). Just REMEMBER to SAVE THE PRESET if you’re working on it prior to doing this, so you don’t blow it away by having to do this!

For me so far it’s only happening on S-Gear, (REALLY annoying) ,anyone getting this on other plugins?

Just S-Gear for me … at least that I know of.

Any update on this? I hope it’s fixed in 10.0.30 because I use S-Gear all the tome

Not fixed in 10.0.30