Plugins always on Top issues in 8.05

Has anyone noticed that this still has not been fixed? It works ONLY
for VST Plugins and NOT Instruments…why? Not fixed or any explanation?

Thank You

It’s been fixed with 8.0.5 & works for me; Kontakt, Ample Sound, Zebra, Alchemy etc…

Sorry, i meant 8.05…and no, for me works only on FX and not for Instruments,
Instruments are still on Always top…can you check that too?


Does the OP mean External Instrument Tracks? I will have a look later today…

No, i mean just regular Instrument tracks, from the instrument rack,
both ways, thru Racfk and thru Instruments, open a VST Instrument
and it is always on top.

There were 2 different AOT issues with C8.

When plugs are set AOT internal menus & dialogues open behind them.
This was the issue said to be fixed in 8.05 and it seems to be so.

Preference for plugins editors always on top, not working.
Plugs always open AOT regardless of it’s setting.
Not fixed in this update…maybe next time.


plug-in editor “always on top” Still Not working on Window7 Ultimate x64

I have Cubase 8.0.5 installed on Windows 7 x64
I have deselected plug-in editor “always on top” in the Preference under VST - Plug-ins
But every time i open a plug-in it stays on top, and the plug-in has “always on top” selected