Plugins and (VU-)meter(s) suddenly without funktion

Hey guys,

this is the second time I visit this forum but this time I got to ask you for help!

I just used the leveler to adjust the volume of a track, saved it - and suddenly all plugins as well as the VU-meter, spectrometer etc. … were without funktion. The plugins are still configureable, you can add or delete them and you’re still able to open presets, they’re just effectless! But you can still play and hear the tracks (sound-(driver) is ok).

Although I didn’t change any settings when/before the failure appeared, I already uninstalled the ASIO-driver, restartet the pc and reinstalled the driver (and testet the funktionality in between) but nothing has changed. Of course I’ve already checked the choosen driver in Wavelab.

Has anyone an idea?

Best regards

Maybe you are experiencing the automatic bypass of the Master Section after rendering? There appears a blue symbol wth a red cross through it on the right hand bottom side of the wave window. Shown in this picture, but without the red cross (Master Section is heard in playback in this case)
This automatic bypass can be changed by unticking the ‘Bypass Master Section on resulting audio file’ option in the rendering dialog. But ofcourse you now hear the master section on top of what’s just been rendered.