Plugins can't load in 8.5 projects with Kontakt loaded

  1. Open project created in Cubase 8.5 with an instance of Kontakt loaded

  2. Attempt to add new plugins to project. About half of them won’t load.

Which ones work isn’t even vendor-dependent - half of UAD and Softube load, the other half don’t. The ones that don’t work are too numerous to list - Fabfilter, Boz, McDsP, etc. All of Waves and Soundtoys seem to work.

This bug can be worked around in either of the following ways:

  1. A project created in 8.5 with all instances of Kontakt removed.
  2. A project created in 9.0 works normally with Kontakt and all plugins.

However, I have found no way to work with my projects without trashing everything Kontakt-related and starting over (not doable).

I have not tested whether this bug is limited to Kontakt or also related to other VSTi’s.

Cubase 9.01, Win 10 64 bit, RME RayDat