Plugins Compatibilty in Cubase 8.5 64bit

My plugins like Wavelab 8.5,Wavws Mercury, ect. are not showing up in Cubase 8,5??? Is it because they are 32bit??? I saw no option to choose 32bit, during the install. just 64bit, Is there a 32bit option in 8.5?? I need these plugins to work. Thanks, john

So you got the installer to run then?

32bit and 64bit Cubase versions exist and are in that installer. If you just okayed every dialogue box which I’m guessing is the case you may have actually installed both versions. Have you looked in your start menu to see if both are listed there?

That said most 32bit plugs work in both versions…you probably just need to set up the correct path to the plugs in plugin manager.

I just talked about this this morning . Cubase8 react badly to some 32 bit plug ins (especially Native Inst Waves etc) and the ASIO peak suddenly with an old 32 bit with a patch only of 100MB while you can load 4GIG patch with 64 bits plug in and the ASIO react perfectly well (only 10% even lower) When I realised this I stopped using my old plug ins 32 bits.


Your post is a perfect example of why forum members should addend their signatures and/or posts with at least a clue as to what operating system they are on.

If you are on a PC, then you would have a choice of 32 or 64 bit installers as mentioned by Grim. If, on the other hand, you are on the Mac platform, there is only one installer and the choice to boot either 32 or 64 bit is determined by opening the app’s Info menu and using a checkbox for one version or the other.

There is also the possibility that you may have to do some setup in the Plug-In Manager.

So: what platform are you on?

I am using my PC / Win. version 10