Plugins crashing Cubase, instead of going to blacklist.

My experience with upgrading to Cubase 10 (from stable 9.5) has not been the best. There seem to be some issues with the Plugin Manager.
First, several plugins that worked perfectly in C9.5 and other DAWs won’t run in C10. (SSL Duende Native 5.1.1 for example).

I noticed that several plugins were no longer stable in Cubase 10. Cubase is supposed to add unstable plugins to the ‘blacklist’, so that sessions don’t crash, but it didn’t.

When using the command ‘Show plugins that support 64-bit processing’ with one of these unstable plugins in a vst directory, would also cause a crash.

Other issues which don’t seem as apparent/easy to pindown (all after fresh install/default settings)

  • Cubase blacklisting its own stock plugins (eg. Multiscope) claiming they are 32 bit (they aren’t)