Plugins display incorrectly at hiDPI 4k setting

CPRO 10.0.5
Windows 10 1803 (17134.407), Asus Strix 1070
resolution 3840x2160
Monitor 1 scaling 150%
Monitor 2 scaling 175%

Plugins display incorrectly at hiDPI 4k setting

The HiDPI Setting in preferences causes incorrect display of plugins
Some plugins (mostly WAVES v10) no longer fit in the available window when scaling is greater than 100%
and others are incorrectly sized so small as to be unusable (Brainworx).

With no HiDPI (deselected in preferences), the plugins size as normal with any Windows display properties > scaling %

A resize option, might also be a nice addition!

see other similar issue post

Also, if you dont have HIDPI on,and are using scaling >100%, taking snapshots of the plugins for the Media > VST Effects > (LIST)
results in incorrect photos that also include the main project area
You must have Windows Display Properties > Scaling at 100% in order to get a correct picture to appear when plugin image capture is used for the media browser > vst effects

Is this issue has any solution at all?
If this issue still there, that means HiDPI is not a real option since no one like to use plug-in without the ability to see the whole plug-in.
How are people support to use Cubase with 4K monitor this way?

Similar problem. All of the Waves plugins look ridiculously tiny when HiDPI is on. Any solutions to this? Maybe an option to apply HiDPI to Cubase only but not the plugins? Wouldn’t help me either since other plugins (FAW’s Circle 2, for example) only look ok with HiDPI on but… whatever helps.

Steinberg is aware of this but they claim now it is not going to be fixed until V11… lots of discussion here

and here

there is a small fix for some cutoff plugins you can find, change DPI settings on the EXE file