plugins don't stay on top

I have the problem that my plugins don’t stay on top on my left screen, where I have the montage or wav window. On the right screen, where my control window is, the plugins stay on top. Not so on the left screen: If I open a plugin it is shown at first, but then hidden as soon as I click somewhere in the wave or montage window. I can bring it back again if I click on the show/hide plugin button in the master section.
Is there a way to make the plugins always stay on top on both screens and all windows?

Plugins open from the Master Section or from the Montage (clip/track plugins).
Master Section plugins are “children” of the Master Section, hence if the Master Section is on top (eg. floating Master Section), their plugins are on top. Same thing for the montage: if the montage is on top, their plugins are displayed, else not.

What is your case?

I mean the plugins opened from the master section (clip/track plugins stay on top).
My master section is part of the control window, which is on the right screen.

This situation is normal by design. You have to keep the plugins on the same screen as the Master Section, or you have to make the Master Section float.

Ok, I understand.
But wouldn’t it be a good idea to have the plugins stay on top, no matter where the master section is? I think it makes sense to put the master section in the control window and have it on a second screen. This way I have more space for my audio files.
However, with open plugins it is hard to see the control tools like sprectometer if those are also included in the control window (which makes sense to me).
Anyway, I can live with how it is now, but it would be nice to be able to work with the plugins on both screens.