Plugins do's and dont't for Cubase 7 (Windows 8)

Is there a list of plugins that don’t work in Cubase 7 in Windows 8 64bit? Or even a rule of thumb. Thanks.

Since reinstalling Windows 8 (after I stupidly tried out Windows 8.1 pre-release without realising you couldn’t simply roll-back to 8). I am reinstalling everything and have found Cubase 7 32bit keeps hanging on exit (I am running 7.05)

The best advice I can give you here is to buy jBridge. At a mere €14.99, it’s a no-brainer to anyone using Cubase x64 and 32-bit VST’s. It works MUCH better than Cubase’s built-in VSTbridge. I still have to find ONE 32-bit VST that it can’t handle. While, of course, I try to stay away from really old 32-bit VST’s as much possible (and this is my second tip for you…), it amazingly works even with early 2000 stuff like Ueberschall’s Liquid, which is the oldest VST I use. Yeah, needless to say, there is no 64-bit version. Ueberschall simply dumped it 4-5 years ago and replaced it with Elastik. But I still have lots of Liquid libraries that I occasionally use and I certainly won’t buy them again in Elastik format.

I have jBridge as it happens, however in my clean install I’ve installed both Cubase 32 and 64 bit and so far I’ve deliberately only put 32 bit plug ins in Cubase 7 32bit and 64 bit plug ins with Cubase 64 bit. Cubase 64 but opens and closes fine, Cubase 32 is playing up, however. If i rename the plug ins folder the problem goes away. Which particular 32bit plugs are lnown to be problematic? Or is it just the older ones per se?

32 bit plugs on a 64 bit Cubase is a “hit and miss” situation in my experience.

To my knowledge there’s no place that rates plugin friendliness or reliability (with Cubase)… Could be a good thing to set up. KVRAudio website has lots of info about plugins, but nothing that rates it’s reliability.

There’s a tool called PluginUpdate by which keeps your plugins unpdated! I haven’t tried it, but perhaps they have a dodgy plugin list??

The quickest way to find out which plugin is causing you trouble is to remove 1/2 of them, see if it still happens, remove or add back 1/2 again, etc. until you find the culprit(s).