plugins for just a small part of song

New to Wavelab here and trying it out. I currently use Soundblade HD but seeing about this program and was curious about one thing i love to use in Soundblade and wondering if i can do it here in Wavelab9.5 Pro. So my question is, in Soundblade I can just highlight a section of a song and click on one for the plugin spots below where i jusy highlighted, choose a plugin and and then that effect is only going to be on for the part of the song i have chosen, and also is really easy to stretch out the effect to other parts of the song should i choose to edit that. IS there a way to do this in Wavelab? Looking at the manual and cant seem to find out if its possible or not. Thanks!- Jon

You can do this on an audio file:

  • select the plugin in the Master Section
  • select the audio segment
  • Press Alt + A (or click the Render in place button in the plugin ui)

Also, you can do this non-destructively in the montage by highlighting/selecting part of a song, sectioning it off by making a cut, and then applying Clip Effects to just that section of the song. The plugins are running in real-time and are not destructive.

Then when you are happy with the sound, you can render a new single audio file of the song to do as you wish.

ok thanks so much both of you. Its always interesting to see how to get in a new workflow with a new program. I appreciate the guidence!- Jon