Plugins get blacklisted again and again..

Hi, there’s a problem in Cubase Elements 9.5 with some plugins, specifically from AIR eg. reverb, non-linear reverb (and one TAL reverb).
It’s a bit annoing, because I have to uncheck them in VST manager in order to use them every time I open project… What could be the problem, how to keep them off this blacklist permamently?


First of all, I would recommend to get in touch with the vendor and ask them to fix the issue, why the plug-in doesn’t pass Cubase test.

When you enable it, it should stay enabled. The reason, why is not enabled again is either the plug-in doesn’t pass neither the very short test or Cubase doesn’t quit properly (crashes during the quit) so the settings is nt stored. One of the reason of the crash could be the fault plug-in.