Plugins in Control Room unresponsive after closing and re-opening Cubase

I have an issue with plugins I use in the Control Room Insert slots.
When I add a third party plugin (Sonarworks Reference 4 and NUGEN Audio
Mastercheck) they work fine when first added, but when I close Cubase
and re-open it they are completely unresponsive. They still show up
blue as if active, but no controls work and the plugins are inactive. I
have not found any way to remove or delete them. This doesn’t seem to be a
problem with the one Steinberg plugin I tried: SuperVision.

This is happening currently with Cubase Pro 11 but also happened in 10.5
running under Windows 10 x64 1909.

Hi , have you thought about upgrading to Win 10 -64 2004 build ? it might solve the issue , it’s very stable