Plugins Missing but are there

Howdy folks,

I have a strange one here.

I started a project in 6.5.5 32 bit. As we tracked, I inserted some plugins to clean and dress the sound. Its memory consumption bridged 3gb and crashed cubase. We continued tracking in the 64bit version of cubase, but there was a list of missing plugins. I verified plugin paths and I have 2 scenarios:

Sonnox: I have C6.5 pointed to the 64 bit versions.
Sonitus: I have c6.5 pointed to the 32bit plugins.

When I view plugin info, the plugins are actually there. When I go to the mixer, I can see, select and insert the plugins that are listed as missing. I don’t get it. The Sonitus plugins are being wrapped by cubase to work in 64 bit and the Sonnox are native 64 bit versions.

Any Ideas how to get them to work without losing my work in adjustments?


I have this exact same issue but with Nexus. Any solutions anyone?

No solution…

I hate to say it, but the support rep was useless too. He told me to do what I had already done (see below). My Sonnox plugins are 64 bit. MEH