Plugins not Blacklisted but still not loading

Let me start a new topic for this…

I can’t get my SSL Duende 64 bit plugins or the Izotope 64 bit plugins to load. Neither the Izotope nor the SSL plugins are blacklisted.
The show in the drop down plugin list. When I try to add one nothing happens. No plugin gets loaded.
If I do the same in N7 they all work.

Fredo? Timo? Anyone?

This is a serious drag on my workflow.


Add Stylus RMX to the list.

I must be doing something wrong.

I have similar serious problems.

It seems to be only one project that is not working. Not sure what’s up…

This sounds like you’ve reached the plugin load limit on the DAW.

Steinberg did have an announcement on this but the post seems to have been removed however you can get some information from

The problem seems worse on Nuendo 8 and fixes need to come from both Steinberg as well as the plugin developers. Izotope plugins are known to have an issue where it “eats” the available slots and doesn’t release them either when the plugin is removed from the chain.

Thanks twelvetwelve

Hey studiof…if you’re experiencing the issue that twelvetwelve is describing…it’s been around for quite a while. Drives me crazy. Here is a cubase thread about the issue as well,

I’m not sure what the official status is of this problem, but I had a session just this week where I hit the wall and could no longer load more plugins without freezing some tracks.

Be great to get some input from Steinberg about this.

There is definitely something squirrely going on with the plugin manager and blacklisting, or not. In my case I have the opposite issue with Halion Symphonic Orchestra 64 (The original 24 bit), Halion Sonic (SE and Full), Halion 5 and 6.
I could reinstate Halion 5 and 6 okay, but on restart of Nuendo they would get Black Listed again. I couldn’t however get HSO or Halion Sonic to reinstate, and it was frustrating during startup of Nuendo 8 because it took about two to three minutes for Plugin Manager to finish initializing. On a whim I just left them blacklisted and discovered that I could use the plugins without issue and the interminable Plugin Manager scanning on program start went away. Go figure.

This is so strange. I have about 35 plugins that won’t allow me to activate, irrespective that they are 64bit, have new updates and are the most current versions of each of the plugins. Each time my Plugin Manager starts, It quits due to the issues with blacklisted plugins. Infuriating having to delete the blacklist playlist and then start again.

After updating to 9.03 I have the same problem in one of my projects. Most of my plugins don’t load anymore. For example Fabfilter pro-c2 can’t be loaded. Pro-q2 don’t give any problems. But non of my uad plugins can be loaded. It does not help removing some plugins☹