Plugins not loading

Hi all,
Finally upgrade to El Capitan on my mac,
Just got an issue. Several Steinberg plugins dosent load ?
Please someone

right plug-in path after the upgrade?

Yes and no, just added one path and restarted cubase, no luck am afraid. is there some rescan somewhere ?

I found the tiny icon for rescan but no luck, Brickwall limiter, compressor, distortion and some other vst3 won’t load anymore ?

PLEASE, anyone ?

Won’t load or they’re not there??

Did you update to latest elicenser software after the update?

I see all plugins in the list, no I have not updated the licenser after the update. But everything else works (instruments etc.)?. in the attach. u can see my path and it´s rescaned.

updated the elicenser with no luck :frowning:

From the down arrow top right of plugin manager can you select default??..this is the collection with all plugins.

yes there is, together with my 3 part plugins, the same story I’m afraid

So explain the story in detail…no mind reading skills here I’m afraid.

1.Upgrade to el Capitan from Yosemite.
2.Everything seems to work OK in cubase except that I can’t load Steinbergs plugins, only just a few. Maybe It´s a good Idea to reinstall ?. I hade some older cubase versions left on the system before the upgrade to El Capitan, maybe that making the issues.
ps. thanx for helping me out :slight_smile:

Still missing any useful detail

So in plugin manager do they show in the left hand panel?

If yes to the above…If you select to use the default collection fropm the drop down do they then show in the right hand panel?

Yes, it show´s in default in the plug-in manager as well and also in the menu where I insert the plugins. Everything is there. But most of the plugins dosent load

Ahh…OK. So it is exactly as you said they aren’t loading. The other stuff you were trying (rescan) weas suggesting they couldn’t be found.

So in that case I think a re-install or repair from the installer may be your best bet here. It seems like they are corrupted or Cubase has lost it’s link to them.

Yes, I think so to. Do you think that a reinstall of 8.5 , 8.5.10 , 8.5.15 and 8.5.20 in that order will do. And if, will it remove my other installed instrument. Like Groove Agent and some other Steinberg instruments. Or does it simply fix everything without removing stuff.

There is no need to install intermediate updates. Install from a full installer and then the latest update only.

Well, I did install everything right over the existing v 8.5.2. To sad it didn´t work.
Thanx for all the effort you put into this, but I need to call the support tomorrow. It´s kind of late here :wink:
All the best.