Plugins not Opening Upon Selection

Since Feb. this year Ive been using Cubase 9 Artist and it was default for plugins to open their gui once I chose which plugin I wanted in the inserts column.
Very handy and efficient.
Recently they dont automatically open, I have to click the “e” to open them.
Ive searched everywhere for the solution in the Op. Man. to no avail.
It’s a small problem at face value, but in the long run of a full project/mix it is a very big one (meaning -> lots of time wasted)
If anyone knows the simple fix, or a detail Im missing etc…
Help is appreciated.

File, Preferences, VST, Plug-ins, Open Effect editor after loading it.
Should do the trick.


Ahh there we go!
Many thanks jaslan.
Its amazing how the simple stuff can seem frustrating and a such headache to find & figure out when it interrupts your workflow!!
Thank gawd for this forum!