Plugins Not Responding (Track Presets)

I have several track presets saved with UAD plugins as inserts. However the plugs are not responding when enabled. I have to unload and reload in order for them to work. Same issue with Voxengo plugins. I have searched here but not found any related posts. Anyone got any ideas?

Cubase 5.5 32 bit
Windows 7


Just the one project Dave? How about a new blank project? This sounds familiar, have you searched the old forum?

Hi Nate!

Nah… about 30 projects! :smiley: I thought it would be a whizz idea and would save me a lot of time if I loaded the plugs into one project, saved as presets and loaded them into the rest of the projects. Silly me. Good idea about the old forum - I’ll go and have a hunt around.