Plugins not working Nuendo 7

More than half our plugins do not work on Nuendo 7. UAD, and many of the older Nuendo plugins do not work!!
All working fine in 6.5

Also Nuendo 6.5 and 7 hang up on “loading network”

No issues here either, UAD quad and Octo working fine. You’re unlikely to get much help without more info such as issue plugs, mac/pc, system spec/config etc.

No problems here.

What do you mean by ‘do not work’? - are they no longer present in N7 or are they crashing?

Mac or PC?

By do not work… the plugins are not available at all. When trying to add a new VST plugin directory, the app crashes.

Initalizing Network" usually goes away after 5 min or so. Or if I kill the hung process spoolsv.exe is in the wait chain. when killed the app continues to load quickly. But who knows what this is supposed to do in the first place. Either way the plugins are still an issue.
Running Windows 10 pro 64 bit os
Intel Core TM i7 CPU @ 4. GHz
32 GB usable ram

Steinberg do not recommend using Windows10 at the moment. See thread near the top of this forum.

Good luck.