Plugins Pre-Set

Hi there,this concerns cubase Plugins Pre-Sets. In the plugin manual it dosnt give an optimum volume at which the pre setS would actually work to their best, unless ive missed it ,in which case soz. i know it is all personal taste and all that business but , it would be nice to know when these pre sets were made what volume was going through them at the time .because been a guitarist i know what volume is going to go through my fx pedals and make them work correctly .Some third party plugs i have come across give the optimum volume for the plug to work correctly . ta

Some plugin works best at -18 dB RMS, some other at 0. So yes, it’s interesting and I want to know the optimal operative level for the stock plugins.

Glad someone else feels curious …it is only the comp,limiter ,maximizer and saturation type plugs i`m interested in .