Plugins Randomly Disabled

Using Cubase 11. Windows 10.

In a project I work on a lot of plugins on several tracks are disabled. Not limited to any type of plugin. Some tracks have a ton of plugins on them, like 10-15, and all of them except 2-3 are disabled. It first seemed like it’s limited to vst3 plugins, but then I also saw vst2’s affected.
It’s also not limited to 3rd party plugins.

And it’s also not about the “constrain delay compensation” button. It’s not even the plugins that get bypassed with this button. I also can enable all of them.

It might be related to freezing. I have to freeze a lot and I mostly discovered this when unfreezing. As if some plugins remain frozen. Although not completely since I can turn them on manually.
Not sure though since I also found a disabled plugin after the freeze boundary/post fader line which freeze doesn’t affect.

Unfortunately that’s pretty much all I can say. It’s ofc a serious problem because it destroys my mix. So far it only happened in this one project but who knows… if it happens more often moving forward it would be a huge pain.



Please make sure the Constrain Delay Compensation is disabled.

Yea, as I mentioned, it was definitely disabled and also didn’t affect the plugins this feature disables. Several plugins with zero latency were affected too.
I also was able to turn all of them on.

It definitely has something to do with freeze. I just froze a bunch of tracks and when unfreezing them I discover loads of disabled plugins everywhere. This is really dramatic. I have to freeze due to performance issues but I also can’t have my mixes destroyed by disabled plugins. They are actually disabled while being frozen. So the audio of the frozen tracks is messed up too.

I know it’s not addressing the root of the problem but would using render in place be a viable workaround for you instead of freezing?

I’ll have to do that, thanks. More messy and bloating the track count but I guess that’s the only way. Hopefully Cubase doesn’t come up with issues with that either. It already used to give me some silent renders. But at least that can be checked visually in the files, also by increasing the size of the waveforms to look for silence.

How about screen shots? Could you get me a bit more details?

We can now do freeze selected tracks, I prefer freeze than rip or export for numbers of reason. There are some known bugs around it but I’ve never heard of this, I would like it to be nailed.