Plugins showing up as used in Plugin Manager

Why might I have 7 instances of MixConvert showing in plugin manager, and yet not have any instances showing in the MixConsole.

No, I’ve never opened that plugin, until just now to see what it looks like.

See pic.
Wait, I don’t know how to attach a pic in this new interface.

Just Copy-Paste (ctrl+C, ctrl+V)

Yeah a pic of your Plug-In Manager would be useful.

I’m a bit confused. You say they aren’t showing in the MixConsole but you can see them in Plug-In Manager. But then you say you opened the plug to see what it looked like. How did you open it if they aren’t available in the MixConsole?

Thanks Raino…

I just opened a new instance of MixConvert so I could see what it looks like. But yeah, there are no used instances showing in the mixconsole, and yet in VST plug-in manager it says 7 instances are being used in the project.

When I am back at my computer later I’ll try to attach the picture. It’s not particularly informative though.

So they do show up in the MixConsole and can be loaded, you just haven’t loaded any?

Hi Shaga do you use control room?

He has probably added several down mix presets non voluntarily or something in control room.

Not sure if this would be the cause but saw this on the help page:

Cubase automatically inserts MixConvert V6 instead of VST MultiPanner if the channel, for example, an audio track or a group channel, is routed to a destination with fewer audio channels. MixConvert V6 is also inserted in place of any cue send panner if the destination has a different channel configuration than the source.

Thanks all. I think that all explains it.

I do use control room, I can see that if Cubase inserts these automatically that I would have at least a few of them. 7 doesn’t make a lot of sense, though, but I guess if I really dig deep I might find more. I do have a cue buss set up for VST connect that just sits there unused most of the time. I also have two sets of speakers set up in the control room Also a headphones buss.

Thanks for all your answers.