Plugins: Sometimes They Load, Sometimes They Don't

Wondering if this has already been reported:

I’ve noticed that sometimes plugins will not load until I relaunch Cubase. So far I’ve noticed this with Slate, Waves, IK Multimedia, SPL.

32- or 64-bit?

Win 7 64-bit, Cubase 8 64-bit, 64-bit plugins.

When you next find them not loading go into task manager/performance & check your memory useage.

Is it all plugs affected…even Cubase plugs?

I’ll try that next time it happens. I have not noticed it with Cubase plugins.

It’s not happening all the time, but it is happening more than occasionally. At first I thought it was due to the windowing (which is terrible on Win 7) but that does not seem to be the case.

Issues with plugs not loading seem to be either memory related or have been with some specific plugs (Waves being a prime example but certainly not the only one)

if it were 32bit, i’d say fairly certainly it’s ram (or lack of) related (it’s happening to me all the time, whenever the cubase process starts taking up more than around 2GB of memory space). it could be the same issue even with a 64bit cubase, it just depends on how much ram you have installed, and how much you’ve currently used up.

16GB of RAM. I’ll look at memory usage next time it does this and report back.