Plugins stop working all of a sudden.


Just recently bought Cubase 8 in hopes of getting rid of a problem that has ruined a lot of days for me, but it seems like it’s going to be a part of my work in Cubase 8 as well.

Some plugins that I use, of different manufacturers, works perfectly fine in a project for a long time to then all of a sudden, without any apparent reason, start to both cancelling any sound going through them and the settings are all over the place.
Now this only happens in certain projects :exclamation: , in other projects they work perfectly fine.

What I’ve done earlier is to simply stop using these plugins, a lot of them are freeware so I’m not expecting them to be perfect, but it’s getting to a point where I can’t use anything except the few plugins that comes with Cubase 8, which is totally fine in a lot of cases but totally impossible in other, and it’s getting to a point where I’m suspecting that the problem may not be the plugins themselves.

Today for example, I opened a project to finish a mix that I haven’t been working on for 2 weeks, in fact I have barely been in my studio for 2 weeks.
Now at least one of the plugins I’m using in this project is now cancelling sound all of a sudden, which it didn’t do 2 weeks ago while finishing my mix.
If I’m opening a totally different project, the plugin is fine.
Since I’ve used this particular plugin on an FX channel for my drum sound, I have to find something that makes the job to match up the other mixes I’ve done (and sent to my clients), and I have to check the whole project if there’s any other plugins that are doing the same thing, which is time consuming and a fucking pain in the ass. :neutral_face:
Not only this, but it also takes a while to figure out if a plugin is “safe”, since these crashes practically always happens when I’m getting to the finish line with a project, and works perfect until then.

My questions are:

  1. Does anyone know if this Is a Cubase, Plugin or a CPU problem?
  2. Are there anyone out there who’s been experiencing the same thing and knows how to deal with this shit?

The plugin that I’m having a problem right now is .
I’m on a PC with Windows 7 64-bit and Cubase 8, 4 GB Ram and 3.0 gHz Core 2 Duo.
With that said, this exact same problem has occur d toooooo many times in the past with toooo many different kinds of plugins both on 64 and 32-bit systems.

Grateful for any help at all.

All the best