Plugin's suddenly greyed out and not functional

Hello my fellow Cubasers. Happy new year to all! :slight_smile:

I have an odd issue that I can’t seem to consistently replicate, but it’s definitely debilitating… The problem is in 10.0.5… I have a project I’ve been working in. When I go to load an FX Chain (or any plugs really) in my Master Bus (or any group channel as well)… about 80% of them will be greyed out, and completely not functional. Like, I cannot click on them, cannot open them, cannot remove them.

Please check out a photo of the issue here:

Facts of the case:

  • I’ve noticed this since upgrading to 10.0.5 from 10.0.3. But I don’t think that’s the issue, because:
  • This does not happen in all projects, only some.
  • Some of the projects that it occurs were converted from 8.5 projects, but I don’t think that’s the issue, because:
  • Not all of the projects converted from 8.5 demonstrate this problem.
  • All plugs are 100% purchased and legitimate.
  • Notice the strange knob-thing next to the names of the greyed out plugs… Shouldn’t there by a bypass switch there like there is on the plugin on the bottom? This happens every time it occurs.
  • Rebooting does not help
  • Rescanning plugin’s does not help
  • Anywhere from 20-30% of some of the plugins I can still load (such as that PAZ plugin in the picture) but it’s only a few like that.
  • Seems to be a certain list of plugin’s that won’t load and grey out.
  • Strangely, THIS DOES NOT OCCUR ON INDIVIDUAL AUDIO TRACKS! Just Group and Master Bus’s.

I’m still doing some testing to narrow it down some more, which I will update here… in the meantime… has anyone seen this bizarre behavior before? Any ideas as to what it may be? I did actually find a thread of someone who had the exact same problem in Cubase 9.5, but his issue went away the next day for some reason, and he never saw it again. This has been going on for days now.

Any insights would be massively appreciated here as I’m starting to get nervous - I have client projects due, and I’m at a total standstill because of this! :confused:

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So what I’m doing now, is actually REBUILDING the project that is giving me problems, track by track, and then testing out the master bus plugins loading EACH AND EVERY TIME I IMPORT A TRACK! That should at least narrow down where the problem is originating. And to be honest, if I get all the way to the end, I’ll have a brand-new working project, I guess. I’m at the 75% mark right now. So far, no issue, but I still have about 20 tracks to go.

Ok so I’ve completely rebuilt the project, from the ground up as a brand new 10.0.5 project. So far, no issues I can load any plug on any track, master bus or otherwise, it seems.

Going to continue along in this project with the recording and editing that still needs to be done, updates to follow… although looks like no one’s really reading this anyways :laughing:

Run into the same problem after I update to 10.5.30 :frowning_face: Seems like I have to rebuild my project too.

There is an idea to solve this question instead of totally rebuild it: just EXPORT ALL TRACK into a .xml file, then INPORT them into a new project. Everything is preserved and plugin’s can be used normally.(sorry for my poor english expression :sob:)

A little late, but for anyone on the same situation:

They are greyed out because they are de-activated (not bypassed). Normally they can be turned on by clicking on the knob symbol by the name, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here as you can’t remove them and so on. It also looks like this when you Freeze the tracks, but I guess you should have known if you’d done that. Maybe try turning off “Constrain delay compensation”?

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Dude, you are a lifesaver. Turning off “Constrain delay compesation” fixed the issue for me!

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