Plugins that don't cause WL montage to notice changes

If I change a plugin setting in a montage, but the title of the montage doesn’t turn red and put an asterisk (*) it, are the changes still saved when I save and close the montage?

Sometimes I worry that Wavelab doesn’t see a small plugin setting change before closing it even if I save it because the title doesn’t turn red as it does with some other changes.

Fox example, sometimes when switching to a certain plugin in a plugin chain window causes the title to go red, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Is there any reason or pattern that some trigger the red title and some don’t?

The plugin changes are detected when the plugin window looses the focus (WaveLab can’t know what the user is doing inside the plugin, when the plugin has the focus).
Before quitting, there is a global check also.
So, no worry.

Thanks, this makes sense.

I did run a few tests by changing some plugin settings and trying to close the montage. Wavelab asked about saving changes every time, so that’s good.