Plugins,Toggle A/B button

Hello guys!! The shortcut with the option TOGGLE A/B doesn’t work. It’s a new bug?? Or what? Thanks


Where can I find the Key Command, please? I don’t see the “Switch between A/B Settings” in the Key Commands list.

Hi Martin, in the menu EDIT

Search for TOGGLE


I can confirm, this doesn’t work. But it’s the same in Cubase 10.5.30. I’m not 100% sure, this is the command you are searching for. The Edit category doesn’t sound really as the one.

And if I assign the Key Command, the command doesn’t appear in the Tooltip. Same as the Copy A to B Key Command doesn’t really work.

OK… strange, I’m going to report it.

ok, Thanks a lot, Martin!!!I will be pending

Cubase 11 and Nuendo Still not wokring. Please solve ?

Not working in C12…it is better to forget about that function

This only works for the channel strip equalizer from what I’ve seen. A pity!