Plugs problems in 7.1 (Solved)

After installing the 7.1 update some of my plugins don’t work anymore.
Is there a way to revert to 7.01 or do I have to uninstall and reinstall WL?

What plugins? What platform? You should first ask your plugin manufacturer.
If you really want to revert, uninstall, then reinstall.

Thanks PG. I know. I was just looking for a quick way to make the plugs work again. I still have WL6 installed (I am on PC) and they work with that.
One of them is Waves L1, but not the latest version. I can’t check with Waves because I am not covered but their stupid update plan anymore.
It seems to be a problem with the GUI. When I load it there is no GUI and it gives an error.
No problem with previous version of WL7.
Thanks anyway.

My fault. Re-booted a couple of time and everything works fine. Sorry
Thanks anyway.

Hey Biss,

Good you solved the problem. Perhaps you should change the topic title by adding (Solved)?


:blush: didn’t think about that. Thanks