Plural instrument names not working?

Is the Plural names section in Setup/Edit Instrument names not working yet? I cannot see a way to use this.

These have never worked, and they’ve been there for ages (since v1?)

I thought so. Thanks. Btw… are you still using the Baseline Shift trick to lower the instrument label when having 2 or 3 instruments on a single staff to centre the label? This is how I have been doing it all the time, Still needed in Version 3?

I haven’t used that one recently. I guess if you’re using condensed staves it’s irrelevant, isn’t it?

If you would start a new engraving from start in Dorico 3, yes, but I am editing scores that were created in version 2 where double instruments voices are written on a single staff. No big problem though to do it like this. It works fine.