Plus sign before the number in figured bass

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Is it possible in any way to write the +6 or any number with a + before the actual number in Dorico?
Figured bass

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I can’t remember off the top of my head, but check in Engrave > Engraving Options > Figured Bass for various ways of presenting different intervals in figured bass.

Hi Lillie,

Unfortunately there is nothing there when it comes to recreate what I have attached :frowning:
I had a look at the Figurato font that some users have recommended but then I would have to draw all the various horizontal lines manually and combining Dorico’s native figured bass with the Figurato font will cause some numbers to look different due to the different font used.

A compromise is to add the + sign manually as a separate text, at the moment I don’t see any other way…

Maximvs, you might be able to use my MusAnalysis font to plug the gaps.

I don’t recommend it over Dorico’s native figured bass function, but it’s a helpful tool to have on hand as well. It can do most everything I’m seeing in that picture. It can also do backtracking lines, which work quite well once you get used to them. Just a thought.

Dear Dan,

Thanks a lot for your kind reply and suggestion… I had a look at your excellent MusAnalysis font, is it possible to write for example the slashed number 5? I have a client that likes to have figured bass numbers as in my picture… Many thanks and best regards,


Hi Maximus.
Just wondering… are you French? Because I certainly am, and indeed I’ve learned figured bass in the Conservatoire in a way that does not exist (yet?) in Dorico, where the sensible is marked with a + sign. My God, why is is sooooooo difficult to find the translation of sensible in English? It looks as though all the analysis theory is different from what we learn here… The “sensible” is the note below the “tonique”, what would be the root of the tonic chord in English.
Well, if it’s possible, this would be a Feature request : allow us to input figured bass in the French style. There’s quite some litterature written like that…


Hi Max, I’m working on this particular one right now, after I realized it’s not yet possible.

It sounds to me like the best English translation of sensible would be subtonic or leading tone.


You can set Figurato to be the font for Figured Bass, so that it will match, whether it’s Figure Bass, or Lyrics.

Font Styles > Figure Bass Font

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I had great difficulty when I lived in Paris understanding all of the musical (and especially pipe organ) terms. They never teach you music lingo in generic language classes…

I was once helping the “titulaire” tune a pipe organ in paris and he was shouting at me from within the organ case and it took me a good long while to decipher what he actually meant. lol.


It is called the leading note because in the most common cadence (V - I) it leads to the tonic.


Thanks! I only found leading note in a Wikipedia article that put it along with a B chord (while in C). Nice to know the english term. In France, we learn to write the + sign in the figured bass before the number (or the hidden 3rd) that is the leading note.
It would be nice if the litteral input (with “!” at the beginning of the popover entry) allowed to have that plus sign.

Hello Marc,

I am Swiss -Italian and completely understand what you are saying in term of the ‘sensible’ which in italian is called ‘sensibile’, both are coming from the same Latin word ‘desinere’ meaning ‘to end’ and in English, like people have already mentioned, is called the ‘leading tone’ or ‘subtonic’.

Dorico at present doesn’t allow to add a + sign before the number not even when you insert at the very beginning the override symbols (i.e. o O !). Maybe they will add this option in the future but at present I just created a staff text with Shift + X and created the + sign that way… it is fiddling and it takes manual adjustment but in the end I was able to reproduce the score and my client is very happy… :slight_smile:

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Hi Dan,

Thanks a lot for the feedback and I hope in a future update you will add perhaps the possibility to write slashed numbers… In any case your font looks very useful indeed.



Hi Ben,

I did test the Figurato font and it works pretty well but I could only make it work by substituting the Dorico Lyrics fonts, for some reason that I cannot understand when I substituted the Dorico Figured Bass font with the Figurato nothing happened …



Make sure you change the “Figured Bass Font”, not “Figured Bass Text Font” Style.