plz help cracking popping noise and freeze

Hello everyone!
recently i purchased ur 22 sound card
since i installed it . i have a huge problem !
cracking popping noise and freeze for mil second!
i tried everything! read all forums and didn’t find solution

please help me i’m trying to enjoy music in a high quality and all i got is this noise
its surly related to the pcu because when the facebook is opened its really unbearable
i got the problem on vst, youtube, winamp also
the computer is good, the drivers are up to date, the cable is new! the soundcard is new! also tried to disable the other sound card driver - high definition sound device- and if im using it and not the ur 22 it sound perfect. so what could be the solution?

i’ve got
intel core duo E7500 2.93 GHz 2.13Ghz
4 Gb ram
display : intel g33 \g31 express chipset family
32 bit
windows 7