[Plz Help :D] No waveform when recording with UR44

Hello I’m using UR44 and Cubase 10 on Windows 10. However I got no signal or waveform when recording when I plug my guitar in Hi-z (input1 on my UR44) channel. I’ve checked all the basic configuration, and I do got signal and waveform when I plug guitar in Line (input 3 on my UR44) channel. Weird thing is that when I open dspMixFx, everything is ok with both channel. I can see the signal and hear the sound. It seems something just go wrong when using Cubase and recording from Hi-z Channel at the same time.

My guitar has a passive pickup. I have checked the basic VST settings and both input/output channel are linked and active. Same setting, works fine with my line input but goes worng with Hi-z input.

Please help… thank you.



Solution found as above. Just unckecking the loopback would work!