Png Files In Engrave vs Print Mode


Exciting times, but …

Here are two screen shots where, 1) I imported a png from Sibelius, in Engrave mode, and 2), what that png looks like in print mode.

Notice, in Print mode, the fifth staff line, and the stem for the second to last minim, are missing in item “a”. :open_mouth:
Should I be worried, or, is it just a “display thing”?

Incidentally, this is a work-around, until Dorico allows me to hide barlines from my students.


Hello !
I do not see any screenshot attached…

Indeed! It would help if you could actually SEE what I’m talking about. :laughing: Sorry about that!

Here they are …

Interestingly enough, after I added them here, I clicked on the links to check, and they’re both showing up perfectly.

Tell me what you see. fingers crossed.
Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 11.05.00 PM.png
Trinity Term 2015-16 FORM ONE P2_0001.png

Looks like a display thing… the first png is ugly but the second one (from print mode) is perfect…

Tell me about ugly. Could that be related to the resolution I exported it at?

Thanx for looking!

Yes, it looks like low res. But don’t you see it the same way as I do ?

No. Here it’s the other way round. Engrave mode is a true representation, but Print mode has the anomalies.

If you can see the final output, it’s probably a display thing. Whatever works, right? :laughing:

Thanx, again!

I don’t know why you need to prepare these examples in Sibelius – you can easily do this in Dorico. Create your 4/4 time signature as normal, then after the first complete bar use Shift+M to create an open meter with X, then select the resulting time signature and set the ‘Hide time signature’ property. Then write the rest of your music example, and there will be no barlines except at the end of the flow.

A-HA! There you go! I’ll be trying this too-NIGHT!

Thanx, again! :mrgreen:

Yes. that worked. Thank you!