Poach "Automation quick access" killer new Logic feature

Click on anything… your fader/rotary dial instantly controls it.

Exactly like the control AI knob on my CC121 was ‘supposed’ to do. Except it’s midi CC. Not some weird mouse wheel emulation.

Speaking of my CC121. I can’t wait for my CC828 with a whole bunch of faders and dials that instantly control any GUI I’ve just opened all made possible because of the awesome new C12 daw controller mapping implementation.
And the scribble strips on the new cc828 that let me instantly see everything I’m controlling as I flick from reverb to synth gui is really the icing on the cake. No more looking at the screen to see what I’m controlling.
Couple that with the new gui dock in C13 that means as I flick through tracks, the plugin windows auto open for me and I can start moving faders and twisting dials that are mapped to all my most used parameters, and I don’t think I’d ever need to upgrade again.
I would, of course Steinberg.
But I wouldn’t have to. x

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