poco cresc or cresc poco

I’m copying a score that has ‘poco a poco cresc.’ rather than ‘cresc. poco a poco’.

I think I’m right that there isn’t an option to ‘switch the side’, and I’ll have to use Prefix text instead for now. Are there any plans to add such a switch?

No current plans for such an option, no.

SHFT-x will allow poco a poco cresc.

Combining SHFT-x and SHFT-d one can achieve instructions like non f ma ben marc.

But they then need to be moved in Engrave.


Dear Dorician fellows,
The usual workflow for these markings (poco a poco cresc or non f ma ben marcato) is to use the prefix and suffix fields in the properties panel.
I understand the OP feature request (toggling prefix/suffix) but not David’s suggestion…

I am not sure that the OP’s request is necessary very often. What is surely required is the ability to invent our own expression text – e.g. Percy Grainger’s “louden lots”.

My suggestion was a workaround, as I had not come across prefix/suffix toggling. I will look into this.


louden lots can be had by “f louden lots” (or pp, mp etc), then engaging “Hide intensity marking”. If required you can also Suppress playback of this.

Why not allow to write “poco a poco crescendo” instead of “cresc. poco a poco”? I like that Dorico tries to handle many things for you automatically, but sometimes it feels too constraining, and the workarounds are very time-consuming.

I love many aspects of Dorico, and it’s a significant development in music notation software, but things like these keep me from finally switching. I wish the developers consider adding some flexibility in the future.


The workaround is just adding the words ‘poco a poco’ in the prefix, and deselecting the poco a poco switch. Yes, it would be nice to have it in the popover, but it’s not stopping me from achieving that result. I can always alt-click to copy that wherever it’s needed.

The trouble with music notation is that it’s not consistent, and there are a million different ways of doing the same thing. Dorico can’t conceivably administer all of them with the same speed.

You can write poco a poco as a prefix. But yes, it’s longer than pressing the properties toggle.

Thanks for helping! What do you mean by “deselecting poco a poco switch”. I click the cresc. under Gradual Dynamics and then click poco a poco (also in Gradual…) . Once I see both on the score, clicking poco a poco or cresc. does not remove neither from the score. I can only delete it. It’s supposed to work that way?

How do you write it as a prefix? Thanks!

See here.

Actually, you don’t need to touch that switch. Just type ‘poco a poco’ in the prefix field in the Properties panel. That’s it.

Now I see it. But the one under Gradual Dynamics does not work. Thanks again!

Works here.


Thanks for the info!!!

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Yes, it also works for me there. Thanks again.

Now I have a slightly OT question for Italian speakers: which one of these two options is grammatically correct? Or more common, for that matter?

Musical Italian is 18th-century dialect, mostly. Lots of it is not currently grammatically correct, nor common.

A practical, musical approach might be is to remember crescendo is the most important directive, with poco a poco being less so. So for me anyway, it’s always cresc. poco a poco, not poco a poco cresc.

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