Poco mosso with metronome

Wondering: When I write a “molto meno” as in bar 22, I can add a metronome number. At “poco mosso” in b. 26 it is not possible. Is there a reason? Both are relative tempos…
test.dorico.zip (506 KB)

Dorico recognises “Poco mosso” (a little moved) as a relative tempo change, and for that reason you can’t have a metronome mark (though you can always insert a metronome mark as a separate instruction)
Dorico does not recognise “poco meno” (little less?) as anything at all, so, just as if you typed “Tempo di Birdie Song” it assumes that it’s an absolute tempo marking.
For what it’s worth, if I saw “poco meno” I’d be thinking “a little less what?”

If you want to use “poco mosso” as a tempo marking, just create the MM mark (type q=100 or whatever) and then edit the text in the Properties window.
poco mosso 1.png

Greta! Thank You very much!

Sorry… Great, not Greta!